The Contract Friction Welding Experts

We don’t just build friction welders – we operate them, too. When you partner with either of our US or UK Contract Friction Welding teams, we will handle your project from start to finish on our state-of-the-art friction welding machines. Whether you need one part every year or one part every minute, we are here to help you reach your production goals across the globe.


Comprehensive Weld Development

Can your materials be friction welded? How does your part geometry play a role? Our friction welding experts will tell you! Our weld development process is all about optimizing your friction welds. Once we evaluate your materials and produce sample parts, we will provide you with the specs to either begin joining or to help build a friction welder that’s right for your project.

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Pre and Post-Weld Processes

Our friction welding process starts well before your parts touch our friction welders and long after they come off the machines. From our in-house metallurgical lab to a machine shop equipped to develop custom tooling, we can take your project from concept to completion without needing to tap into outside resources. This efficiency saves time and shipping costs.

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Production Assurance Program

Our contract friction welding group isn’t just for customers who don’t have their own friction welders. Our Production Assurance Program helps bridge the gap if your MTI-built friction welder is undergoing routine maintenance or if you experience higher-than-normal part volumes. Let us keep your tooling warm and handle your overflow on our machines, without any breaks in your production process.

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Bimetallic Joining

From Copper and Aluminum to Steel and Inconel, friction welding allows for the joining of dissimilar metals – and there’s no better place to try out your combination than with our Contract Friction Welding teams in our US or UK locations! Allow us to test your materials for strength and durability, and then learn how your combination could benefit your overall process!

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Rotary Machine Sizes and Areas

Our Contract Friction Welding locations in both the US and UK offer a broad range of rotary friction welders for all types of jobs. To help match your application with the appropriate MTI-built machine, refer to the chart below to browse their specifications. NOTE: These calculations are based on mild steel. Values may vary with different materials.

Model Max Spindle Diameter (IN) Max Spindle Part Length (IN) Max Fixture Diameter (IN) Max Fixture Part Length (IN)
40B U.S. 0.250 1.500 0.860 4
60B U.S. 2.020 Ø ≤ 0.875 = 10.25
Ø > 0.875 = 4.5
3.375 8
90B U.S. 2.020 Ø ≤ 0.875 = 10.25
Ø > 0.875 = 4.5
6.161 69
120BX U.S. 2.375 10.000 N/A Unlimited
15ton U.S. 3.500 Ø ≤ 2.60 = 14.5
Ø > 2.60 = 6.0
6.161 67
180B-1 U.S. 3.500 Ø ≤ 1.775 = 14.25
Ø > 1.775 = 6.0
6.161 43
180B-2 U.S. 3.500 Ø ≤ 1.775 = 14.25
Ø > 1.775 = 6.0
6.161 43
250B-1 U.S. 8.000 Ø ≤ 3.0 = 18.5
Ø > 3.0 = 6.0
12.000 72
250B-3 U.S. 8.000 Ø ≤ 3.0 = 18.5
Ø > 3.0 = 6.0
12.000 72
250B-4 U.S. 8.000 Ø ≤ 3.0 = 18.5
Ø > 3.0 = 6.0
12.000 50
400BX U.S. 18.500 23.000 18.500 102
90B U.K. 1.575 6.000 3.150 13.780
180B U.K. 6.000 7.000 3.543 31.496
180BX U.K. 6.000 7.000 4.724 35.433
250B U.K. 6.500 7.874 6.375 39.370
Spartan FWT-15 U.K. 1.260 7.874 1.890 2.032

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