Expect the Unexpected

While we stand behind the quality of our machines and parts, sometimes things happen. That’s why our Preventative Maintenance Packages provide a cost-effective method to proactively identify potential trouble spots and combat production downtimes. With scheduled visits, remote monitoring and assistance, inspection and repair, oil sampling, hands-on training, and more, our maintenance packages give you an essential tool for prolonging the life of your capital investment. We offer three comprehensive packaged levels of maintenance to suit your requirements and budget.


The MTI Remote Assistance (MRA) package prolongs the life of your capital investment. Through MRA, we can remotely view – even while running the machine – weld, test cycle, and fault logic data files in real time. Plus, if any PLC programming changes are needed, they can be done within a real time, live environment.

  • DOS & Windows Machine Upgrades

    With our DOS-to-Windows® upgrade, you get the latest technology for superior machine operation, traceability, and improved machine performance. We’ll customize the upgrade to your system, giving you a state-of-the-art controls system, superior fault logging, and bring your machine up to today’s safety codes. Our upgrade ensures you’ll have the edge in improving machine and process control.

  • Machine Alignment Services

    Keeping your machine level and aligned helps it operate properly. To serve you, we have an experienced team of Machine Laser Alignment Service Technicians. They have the tools to handle any leveling assignment, keep your fixtures aligned, and perform a Spindle Droop check plus T.I.R. checks. Our service reduces scrap and improves your SPC numbers to increase your profitability.

  • Calibration Services

    Need to have your machine recalibrated so it continues manufacturing to the right specifications? Our calibration experts will perform all the necessary tests and inspections onsite, and can calibrate and certify machines ranging from one ton up to 2,000 tons. By doing so, you’ll know your machine will maintain the precision functionality you demand.

  • MTI’s Remote Access (MRA)

    With MRA, we give you an added safeguard against unscheduled downtime and the financial burden associated with them due to the absence of key troubleshooting personnel on-site at the time. Additionally, it saves you the valuable downtime normally encountered during an on-site visit by a Service Technician.