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Sales Team

Tom Budd, U.S.
Contract Welding Manager – North America, Friction Stir Welding, Aerospace
+1 574-230-0258, Ext. 415
Cell: 574-210-2487
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Kevin Grewe, U.S.
Sales Manager – Automotive
+1 574-230-0258, Ext. 212
Cell: 574-286-4076
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Tim Jennings​, U.S.
Key Account Manager - Aerospace, Mining, Rail
+1 574-230-0258, Ext. 254
Cell: 574-904-3724
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Simon Jones, U.K.
Director of Aerospace – Low Force Friction Welding
+44 7850-503975
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Gary Kopczynski, U.S.
Senior Account & Product Manager
+1 574-230-0258, ext. 215
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Constanza Lengerich, U.S.
Market Development Manager – Low Force Friction Welding
+1 574-230-0258, Ext. 265
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Steve Marr, U.K.
European Rotary Friction Welding
+44 1384-277502
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Rob Wilkes, U.K.
Friction Welding Sales Manager – Contract Friction Welding
+44 7801 566311
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After Sales & Support

Steve Carter, US
European Spare Parts Manager
+44 1384 277502
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Gilbert Polanco, U.S.
Service Coordinator
574-230-0258, ext. 259
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Brian Roberts, U.S.
Manufacturing Operations Lead
574-230-0258, ext. 251
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Hannah Winn, U.S.
Spare Parts Coordinator
574-230-0258, ext. 259
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Application Engineers

Jeff Eriks, US
Applications Engineer
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Eric LaMorte, US
Applications Engineer
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Dave Mayfield, US
Applications Engineer
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Al Weade, US
Applications Engineer
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Process Engineeers

James Barklam, US
Process Engineer
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Zach Danko, US
Process Engineer
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Gabe Hostetter, US
Senior Lead Process Engineer
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Edwin Peng, US
Process Engineer
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Zach Roelofs, US
Process Engineer
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Seth Wyse, US
Process Engineer
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Executive Team

Dan Adams, U.S.
President & CEO – Product Manager
574-230-0258, ext. 203
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Paul Allen, US
Managing Director of ProSpot
+44 (0)1827 254 829
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Bob Besse, U.S.
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
574-230-0258, ext. 268
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Guy Harper, U.S.
Chief Financial Officer
574-230-0258, ext. 279
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Richard Jones, U.K.
Vice President of Global Services
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MariClare Osborn, U.S.
Director of Human Resources
574-230-0258, ext. 430
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Marketing & Sales Support

Kelly Kregel, U.S.
Marketing Manager
574-230-0258, ext. 412
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Ashley O’Chap, U.S.
Marketing Specialist
574-230-0258, ext. 410
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Pam Weatherwax, U.S.
Sales / Tradeshow Coordinator
574-230-0258, ext. 217
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MTI Welding Technologies, Ltd.
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