Our Commitment: Service & Aftermarket Parts

Delivering Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is complete confidence, knowing you have the finest machine in the world, backed by the finest support at all times. It’s knowing that obstacles to keeping your machine operating at optimal performance will be met with a quick, sure-handed response. Current customers can get in touch with our Service & Spare Parts team here.


You don’t have to rely solely on your breakdown crew to keep your friction welder running in peak condition. Let our experts handle it.


You’ll get only warranted parts and the specified maintenance parts from MTI. Rest assured you’ll get the right part for the right machine.


We take care of potential machine problems before they become your problem with our preventative maintenance programs.


If a machine issue should arise, we get you back up and running quickly and correctly with our quick response time on key parts orders and use of MTI’s exceptional MRA (MTI Remote Access) software to diagnose and correct machine issues.

Global Service
Spares and Parts

What makes having the best technology in the world even better? Knowing MTI can help you keep that technology running at its best. For more than 40 years, our Service and Support division has made it their mission to offer a turnkey solution better than anyone else. Contact us.

4 Ways MTI Provides a Turn-Key Solution
  • 1

    Save time and stop juggling multiple suppliers. We provide a one-stop-shop for all your machine parts and service.

  • 2

    We train your operators to be at their best, able to run your machine to achieve maximum production.

  • 3

    Remote Access and Diagnostic Program


    To help you avoid costly downtimes, we’ll keep your machine running in peak condition with our Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) and MTI’s Remote Access (MRA) diagnostic and service program.

  • 4

    Our global service locations make it easy to do business with us. Contact us directly at our North America, China, or Global Service Departments.


Friction Welding Parts and Service - Turn key solution