The MTI Difference

Our simple, modern development process sets us apart from traditional, overwhelming processes. We help you find and navigate the best path to successfully implement friction welding into your part design and production. We stand ready to support you on your timeframe and wherever you may be in your journey to friction welding. Working with MTI should be an easy and rewarding collaboration from start to finish. We’ll build a machine for you that makes the part, we’ll make the part for you, or we’ll help you make a part better.

Set Expectations

• Process definement • Research and development • Conceptual design engineering

Define Ownership

• Metallurgical evaluations • Quality verification • Material procurement • Cost confirmation

Commit Resources

• Traditional machine build • Manufacturing services

Measure & Review

• Worldwide service and support • Preventative maintenance • Parts assurance

Set Expectations

We kick off the process by hosting you and your team for a site visit to our manufacturing facility. Or better yet, we will come to you. This helps both our teams develop a collaborative working relationship in conceptualizing the best friction welding solution for your industry application.

The Pre-Production Phase Includes:

Define Ownership
    • Metallurgical Evaluations

      To help you assess the strength, durability and general integrity of weld zones, we have a metallurgist on staff and can provide you with a full-range of detailed and quantified metallurgical evaluations.

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    • Quality Verification

      With ISO 9001, AS 9001, and Nadcap® Aerospace certifications, plus welding approvals from major jet engine and aerospace companies, you can rest assured the solutions we provide you are of the highest quality.

    • Material Procurement

      To save you time and money, and ensure a superior end-product, we work with a variety of suppliers to secure the ideal materials and alloys to get the job done.

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    • Cost Confirmation

      Whether you’re investing in a friction welding machine, integrated automation, or you require parts development and production from our Manufacturing Services group, we guide you through all the costs involved to ensure you know where your money is going.

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Commit Resources

Time to let the fun begin! Now we can determine which route we should go to produce the best results for you – traditional friction welding machine build, parts production from our Manufacturing Services group, or a strategy that includes both. Many customers start with a development program, then utilize our Manufacturing Services group for parts production while their machine is built. Others leverage our Manufacturing Services group to support their production spikes that exceed their machine capacity.

Measure and Review

To help you care for your investment, we provide you with a dedicated Customer Service team, an extensive warranty, preventative maintenance packages, parts assurance, and much more.