Rotary Friction Welding Machines from MTI

MTI specialises in Rotary Friction Welding machines in all forms – Direct Drive, Inertia, and Hybrid. Rotary Friction Welding can accommodate various part geometries, being well-suited for applications across several industries. We have manufactured and delivered bespoke Rotary machines throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.


The legacy form of Rotary friction welding, Direct Drive, offers the perfect solution for applications such as axles, piston rods, drill pipe, and more.

Pictured above is MTI’s 15-ton dual spindle machine.

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Inertia friction welding is well-suited for large Rotary friction welding applications, such as Aerospace components.

Pictured above is MTI’s M120 Inertia machine.


Friction Welding Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Direct Drive Friction Welding company recently introduced into the MTI Group. FWT machines range in size from 6 to 125-tons, offering solutions for a range of Rotary applications and are fully supported by MTI Welding Technologies for Service and Spares.

MTI and FWT’s 3-ton Direct Drive machine.

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MTI not only offers a full range of friction welding machines but also a comprehensive range of semi and fully-automated solutions to accompany our machines. At MTI, our goal is to provide the next generation of autonomous integrated welding systems leveraging our process knowledge and the latest in technology innovation.

With a focus on customised, low-risk configurations, we design and build a range of both Robotic and Gantry solutions to help you find the best automation solution for your product or facility. If you have a preferred supplier for automation or Robotic Equipment, MTI can incorporate these into the machine cell to offer maximum continuity that delivers enhanced quality, productivity, and ROI. Visit our automation page on our North American website for more information.


MTI also provides a range of Double-ended friction welding machines. These machines can be fully automated using a combination of Gantry or Robotic load and unload systems. Our Double-ended Rotary machines range from 15 to 180-tons, all designed around our customers’ specifications and preferences.

MTI Double-ended machines are capable of maintaining an orientation to ± 1.5 degrees, coupled with a length control of ± 1mm and a consistent TIR of 0.15mm.

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Direct Drive
Machine Type Max Forge Force (kN) Max Weld Area (sq mm) Max Part Diameter solid
5 60 387 22
15 150 967 35
25 250 1613 45
30 300 1935 49
45 450 2903 60
60 600 3871 70
80 8000 5161 81
100 10000 6451 90
125 12500 8064 101
150 15000 9677 111
200 20000 12903 128
250 25000 16129 143
300 30000 19355 157



Machine Type Max Forge Force (kN) Max Weld Area (sq mm) Max Part Diameter solid
M60 40.03 258 18
M90 57.82 368 22
M120 124.54 803 32
M180 355.80 2290 54
M220 578.2 3729 69
M250 889.6 5732 85
M300 1112 7774 95
M320 1556.8 10044 113
M400 2668.8 17218 158


Want to learn more about Rotary Friction Welding?

We recently published a series of new videos on the topic!


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Have an application or part geometry that may be better suited for another friction welding technology? We specialise in all types of friction welding, including Linear Friction Welding and Friction Stir Welding processes out of our North American location.