Contract Welding

MTI Welding Technologies offers Contract Friction Welding services on our wide range of Rotary friction welding machines. Our in-house machines, capable of 6 tons up to 100 tons of forge force using Direct Drive, Inertia and Hybrid processes with customer benefits that can reduce cost, improve efficiency, and ensure high-quality results.

With the successful joining of drill pipe, piston rods, electrical connectors and more, we have expert experience with various complex geometries and joining dissimilar materials guaranteeing high integrity, consistent welds every time.

Contract Friction Welding

Whether you need one part every few seconds or one part every few months, our skilled Contract Services team handles it all! MTIW Contract Services machines range from 6 to up to 100 tons.

Common applications that are friction welded:


Expert Guidance

We offer guided support from day one, helping customers decide which welding process is best suited for their application and providing technical and developmental assistance along the way.

From planning to completion, MTI Welding Technologies provides pre- and post-weld services that include material sourcing, metallurgy, CNC machining, heat-treating when necessary, and final inspection and shipping.


Since 2005, our contract services facility has served a wide range of industries including automotive, construction, oil & gas, aerospace, and defence. Our facility is NADCAP, ISO 9001, and AS9100 accredited ensuring the highest quality and sensitivity for customer projects.

Offering the world’s largest and most advanced friction welders capable of joining parts for critical space missions.
Helping you achieve lightweighting through innovation and new technology.
Meeting high-volume demands with quick cycle times – all while keeping an eye on product costs and rigorous industry demands.
Trusted for military defense, aircraft, aerospace and ground transportation components – all backed by the most stringent of quality certifications.
Oil & Gas
Helping deliver some of the world’s natural resources from Point A to Point B with parts designed to allow liquid to flow freely.
Consumer Products
From barbells to golf putters, we use the same, repeatable solid-state technology to strengthen products found in homes across the globe.
Construction & Agriculture
Bonding strong enough to handle the high stress and torque required of heavy machinery components.
Helping to reduce equipment wear, improve efficiency and lower repair costs - all in the most rugged of environments.
Can your material be forged?

The simple rule of thumb is this: If you can forge it, you can friction-weld it.

Check popular material compatibilities

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Rob Wilkes, U.K.
Friction Welding Sales Manager – Contract Friction Welding
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Director of Operations - MTI Welding
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Steve Carter, U.K.
European Spare Parts Manager
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Tony Clews, U.K.
Rotary Friction Welding Product Manager
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Richard Jones, U.K.
VP of Sales & Marketing, Project Engineering and European Sales Manager
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Simon Jones, U.K.
Director of Aerospace – Low Force Friction Welding
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