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Joining and Welding Services

MTI - Your Single Source Solution

As the world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of friction welding machines, Manufacturing Technology, Inc. also offers nothing less than world-class friction welding contract services.

At our facility in South Bend, Indiana, we maintain a wide range of Direct Drive Friction, Inertia Friction, Linear Friction and Friction Stir Welding equipment for industries with variable or low volume needs. MTI operations in England provide in-house contract services for spot, seam, projection, butt and flash/butt Resistance Welding. Our pre- and post-weld processing services, include material procurement, heat treat, cutting, machining, and flash removal.

Leveraging our 80 years of welding and engineering experience and our ground-breaking research and development, MTI also offers value-added contract services including application development and process optimization, feasibility studies, prototyping, research and development, and tooling.

A unique single source solution for any business with friction welding requirements, MTI provides you with the best value for your dollar.

Superior joining and welding contract services from MTI include:

  • Machines from 6- to 450-ton weld force
  • Material size from .250 to 6-inch diameter solid, or 43 in2 tubular steel
  • Production lot quantities from < 5 to > 300,000 pieces per year
  • Pre and post-weld processing
  • Tooling for most part configurations
  • Design for tooling and parts by our experienced Design Engineering Department
  • Weld development, feasibility studies and metallurgical evaluation of weld quality by experienced Metallurgists
  • Computer storage of parameter data for critical applications

For more information, contact Contract Welding Services.